Connor & CO.

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Connor & Co.

Kelsey Connor came to me with the idea of wanting a brand that fit her personality as well as attract the clients she loves working with. She thinks outside of the box and loves planning weddings that might not fit the traditional mold. She also offers floral services as a large part of her business. We chose to incorporate the flower Bird of Paradise in her branding because it's unique, elegant, and perfectly captures the essence of Connor & Co. Since this project, Kelsey has become a leader in the industry throughout the mid-south. She's booking weddings months in advance and has been published in multiple publications for helping future couples pull off the ultimate wedding.

Principle Designer: Katie Cooper

Goal: Create a brand that is unique as the weddings that are planned by Connor & Co. To maintain a professional look while still being fun and vibrant.

Floral Logo design for Connor & Co Memphis, TN
Horizontal logo lock up for Connor & Co. Custom Script logo hand letteredcrest logo design for Connor & Co. "Make it pretty and make it happen" Designer: Katie CooperInitial logo hand lettered with C & Co. Designer: Katie Cooper
tagline and lettering that reads "Make it pretty and make it happen"website designer for Connor & Co. Desktop mock upinstagram icon illustrations paw, wine glass, rings, unicorn, flower, heart for social media and marketing collateral

"Katie Cooper sat down with me and listened to all my crazy ideas. I wanted a brand I could grow and flourish with and she accomplished that tenfold. At the start of 2018, I only had one client, and was able to rebrand that summer, we now have close to 30 clients for 2019 and are on track for even more in 2020. I have more than double my prices and I feel confident when up-selling and promoting the company. I always get compliments about how the brand fits what we do and our personality. Katie has created a customer for life!"