A project from theCO's 24-hour Hackathon! We broke into teams and had to develop a project that went with the theme "It's always been done this way." Paul Taylor came up with the concept of a curbside pick-up service for large items that get put on the curb. Instead of it sitting there for days you can report it and have your crap picked up. We turned this into a working prototype app in 24-hours. It even texts the user when their scrap has been reported and picked up!

Event: Hackathon (Hosted by theCo)
Brains: Paul Taylor & Ross Priddy
Designer: Katie Cooper
Designer: Chris Porter
Developer: Chance Smith
Developer: Zach Boatwright

Awards: Best Design & Best Overall

Gif animation of logo. Exhausting coming out of a dump truckMenu display of app UX UI designReport Scrap and Status of scrap custom made art for menu buttonsstatus of scrap app page with icons report scrap app page with icons drive login page of app designdriver view with map address and information for app designlogo illustration of a dump truck and the opening menu of a app design UX UI
branding truck wrap that includes services and truck mock up.Embroidered button up with branded name tag company apparel hand with badge logo design