Branding • Ad Campaign


OUTMemphis wanted to launch an ad campaign to generate more buzz about the brand and the services they provided. We addressed the root of the issue which was the brand and logo itself and then created collateral material to further extend the brand. We also created messaging in order to launch an ad campaign to go along with their new and improved look.

Principle Designer: Katie Cooper

Goal: Generate more awareness about OUTMemphis.


Issues and Concerns

  • Scalability:
    You loose all detail when this logo is scaled down. This is important for specifically for social media profiles and website favicons.
  • Color Count:
    There are over 21 colors within this logo making it almost impossible to screen print or embroider. It also makes it difficult to create marketing collateral with no defined color palette.
  • Legibility:
    The light green text against a white background has a very low contrast making the logo very difficult to read. Especially for those with vision impairments.
  • Single-Color Use:
    It's important that a logo works as one color. Not only for printing purposes but also for third-party use. This logo looses all detail when translated to one color.


New and Improved

  • Scalability:
    The mark was simplified and each cord given its own distinct shape, so when it's scaled down it still maintains detail.
  • Color Count:
    Since there are now distinct shapes and I was able to decrease the amount of colors used. Since the rainbow hold so much significance to the LGBTQ+ community and this brand using all 6 colors was necessary.
  • Legibility:
    Changing the type to a dark navy dramatically increases the contrast and makes it much more legible and accessible.
  • Single-Color Use:
    Because each color has a distinct shape the mark can be translated to one color and still hold its integrity. It makes it much easier to use for sponsorships and partnerships with other organizations.

THe Ad Campaign

"We Are Here"
A slogan spun off the rally cry "We're here and we're queer!" We also just wanted to go with a bold statement and that simple and straight forward. A lot of LGBTQ+ individuals of the mid-south didn't even know that OUTMemphis exists and we wanted to change that.

Hook: We Are Here
What We Do:
Connect, Educate, Advocate
Who We Are: For 30 years, OUT Memphis has been the hub of connection and empowerment for the LGBTQ community in the Mid-South.
Where to Find Us: Find out more: